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Writing Ideas for First World War Research Paper

If you have a keen interest in history and have taken up the subject in college, you will surely be encountered to write or research on the First World War topic. Of course, whether you like it or not, you will have to research well, or pay someone to write my research papers. It is a bit of a confusing event if you do not have a clear idea. So many countries, so many ideologies and so many events and internal politics led to the devastating World War I. We have jotted down some ideas if you are the one who has to write a research paper on World War I.

Countries Involved

Study thoroughly and find out the countries involved. Each country’s internal politics and selfishness led to the rise of conflicts. Whether the fight was for power or for basic utilities of food clothing and shelter, the countries violently rose. Here are some points to consider:
  • Which country started it, and what were the politics involved?
  • How the countries separated each other in groups and supported their partners to benefit themselves?
  • Which country was actually powerful and which country supported only out of weakness?
  • What led to the rise and decline of superpowers countries?

Events Leading To The War

Once countries are listed out, then you can serially research on what happened in the individual countries that led to the conflict and rivalry between the countries. The formation of military and political alliances was a major turn in starting the world war. This may include:

  • How alliances were ruined or formed?
  • How treaties were signed, and some were misled?
  • Leaders were bought up or assassinated?
  • Rise of wrong people in power or misleading of the youth?
  • Why colonies had to support their mother countries, despite having no role in the war?

Post War effects:

This is a very predictable topic, but as they say, there is no future without history. The post-war effects play a major role in shaping the world that we are living in today. Be it the industrial revolution or the making of peace organization; world war has made a great impact on history and mankind. World War I effects would be evaluated as follows:

  • Rise and downfall of powerful countries
  • End of the industrial revolution
  • Rise of peace organizations to prevent further wars
  • Poverty as all wealth was greatly spent on military and warfare
  • Rise of new nations from ruins

World War I was the greatest war that led to a turning point in World History. These are just a few points, but the research paper can cover many things. World War I have many points to highlight, and the more you study, the more interesting the event gets. In your paper, you could even analyze your own thoughts on the turn of events and display your picture of good and bad.

The post effects were very sad and led to devastating results, and peace organizations formed various rules to avert such happenings. Although, twenty years later, the world again witnessed the Second World War.


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