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How to Choose Eating Disorders Research Paper Topic

Writing a research paper on eating disorders starts by choosing a great topic. Your selection for a topic may be based on what you want to learn more about regarding developments related to a specific disorder. An idea for writing may also be inspired by personal experiences, recommendations in the medical field for treatment, or exploring other areas related to eating disorders and how they affect one’s life. Common ways to get ideas include brainstorming, review past papers, and learning what is currently trending with a particular disorder. Here are suggestions on how to find a great topic for writing.

Use Personal Knowledge to Inspire Ideas

An eating disorders research paper may include a topic based on personal experience or independent knowledge of a topic. For some, the idea of an eating disorder may be a sensitive subject if they know someone who has personally experienced one. Because a disorder of this nature can affect a person in different ways and others around them, there is relationship and interpersonal aspects that could be explored as potential research ideas. Think about questions or concerns you may have about a specific disorder or how it affects a person. Consider these thoughts as starting points for potential ideas.

Assess Availability of Resources and Data

Many research paper topics on eating disorders depend on sources available before getting started on the assignment. Another factor to consider when selecting your idea is to review which sources you have access to providing in-depth and up to date information about eating disorders. Your sources could be medical professionals, med journals, a patient being treated, a support group or forum, or any source providing statistical or factual information useful for writing.

Sample Ideas for Eating Disorders Research Papers

Sample ideas may be just what you need to get creative with an original idea. Inspiration for writing may come from different things such as pictures, books, articles, and random ideas. Sometimes ideas come from prompts readily available online. Here is a list of potential ideas to consider as you prepare for your assignment.

  1. Understanding emotional connections people have with food
  2. Improving treatment options for people with Bulimia
  3. What improvements have been made for treatment of anorexia nervosa?
  4. Health risks that increase among those dealing with an eating disorder
  5. Exploring associated costs of treatment options for eating disorder patients
  6. Top concerns among medical professionals treating patients with eating disorders
  7. How nonprofit organizations help or hurt awareness of eating disorder issues
  8. Analyzing mental state of a patients that use food for comfort
  9. How psychiatric services assist with mental health of an eating disorder patient
  10. Average time of recovery for patients or comparison of recovery times between disorders

Additional Tips for Research Topics

Using samples to find eating disorders topics for research paper is a fast way to see what ideas would make a great paper. Compare sample papers written on the subject to view different perspectives and views. Think about things people may misinterpret or know little about in regards to eating disorders. What else do you want to know or what should others know?

As you review more about potential eating disorders online research papers you may get a few ideas on what to write for your project. Spend time learning about topics written on your subject of interest to explore potentially new ideas via brainstorming. Think about recent discoveries or questions commonly asked that need further insight and understanding. Your idea should reflect personal interest but also give detailed information providing a fresh perspective on possibilities.


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