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Your Ultimate Guide to Writing Reflection Papers

As a college student, almost all of your college subjects would require you to write a reflection paper at some point. By reading this article, you'll be equipped with everything you need to write an outstanding reflection paper.

Defining a Reflection Paper

It is a particular type of paper where you air your thoughts as regards a specific topic. Other forms of essays would require that you review the work of other people. Since you are writing your view and opinion, there are no wrong answers in this type of paper.

Reflection papers have three types, and their delivery differs by type. Reflection papers can be educational, professional, or personal. The educational type aims at educating the reader while giving views or individual reviews about an event, book, and so on. Students write professional types of psychology and education. The final class discusses your opinion on personal issues.

Since reflection papers are your thoughts about specific topics, there is usually no format for writing them. However, it's not unusual for your instructor to give you a word limit, which could be between 300 and 500 words.

Starting Your Reflection Paper

Before you start writing, you must do a quick read through the article, book, or source you use. While at it, carefully put down the essential points that you feel will help you convey your thoughts appropriately to your audience.

When you are done reading, you should need to put yourself through a moment of critical thinking. For starters, the following questions might come in handy:

  1. What effect did the article have on you?
  2. Is it likely to catch the attention of readers as well?
  3. Do you have a change of perspective now that you have read the article?
  4. Has the article left you with any questions?
  5. Are there important issues that you feel the article failed to address?
  6. Did you come across anything familiar, maybe something you might have read in the past?

At the end of your critical thinking, you should have an outline for the paper you are about to write. It will give your paper organization and proper flow.

The Ideal Outline for a Reflection Paper

  • Introduction

    The ideal introduction should talk about what you intend to reflect on. Your introduction should convey your opinion on the subject matter. It should also contain a summary of the work and your thesis statement.

  • Body of The Work

    While you start the paragraphs with topic sentences, describe your thoughts as regards the topic. Describe all of your feelings in this part and use captions from the source as well. It will give your readers a sort of reference guide.

  • Conclusion

    Just like in any standard write-up, the conclusion is where you tie it all up. Here, you should tell how the entire process has affected your thinking. You should also talk about your thesis once again while giving a summary of the work.

A reflection paper is one of the academic papers that you would be required to write in your opinion. With the outline, tips given and you will find it easy to write a good reflection paper.


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